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Trigger Point Injections: Neck Pain

A trigger point injection is a common treatment that is used to relieve neck pain, whether this pain is mild, moderate, or severe in nature. The injections are placed into trigger points along the neck in order to directly attack the cause of the pain. Although there are a myriad of reasons as to why you could be feeling pain in your neck, the presence of trigger points within your neck muscles could be the cause of the pain, which is when these injections may prove useful if you wish to avoid a more comprehensive treatment. Campbell Medical Clinic in Houston, Texas offers additional information on trigger point therapy and why it might be essential for you.

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are knots within your neck muscles that have become twisted and bundled together, causing an undue amount of pain. These neck trigger points typically occur when these muscles are unable to relax for a lengthy period of time, which can happen if you’ve been going through a large amount of stress as of late. When these knots develop, the nerves surrounding them can become irritated and cause a variety of symptoms such as pain and weakness of the muscle.

If you’re feeling pain in a specific area of your neck, feel around the area with your hand. If you notice bumps beneath the skin, this is a sign that portions of your neck muscles have become knotted and that you may require treatment in the form of a trigger point injection. In the event that the knot is large in size, the pain could radiate into other areas of the body, which is why you’ll want to obtain treatment soon after you’ve noticed the pain.

Trigger Point Injection Treatment Options in Houston

This type of injection is a standard form of treatment that makes use of a medicine that’s plant-based and entirely non-toxic, which makes it safe for you to use when you’re experiencing severe neck pain. This medicine is referred to as SARAPIN and is injected straight into the trigger point within your neck muscle through the usage of a tiny needle. Along with the medicine, the injection carries with it a small amount of anesthetic so as to ensure that you don’t feel much or any pain as the treatment is ongoing.

When this trigger point injection works as intended, the trigger point itself should dissipate immediately after you’ve received the injection, which should also result in an almost immediate relief of the pain that you’re experiencing. The entire treatment should take only several minutes to complete, although it could last longer if there are several areas on your neck that are causing immense pain.

Why You Might Need a Trigger Point Injection

If you’re considering trigger point injections for your neck pain, there are a wide array of reasons as to why this treatment might be right for you, as it can treat a wide array of muscle groups throughout the body. Along with the muscle groups in the neck, other muscles within the lower back, arms, and legs that are affected by trigger points could receive this treatment, providing you with relief from pain in these areas.

Even though these trigger point injections are typically used for standard pain and inflammation within the neck, they can also be used for the treatment of such conditions as tension headaches and fibromyalgia. Although it has yet to be determined how effective these treatments can be with myofascial pain, it’s possible for this treatment to be used for myofascial pain syndrome, which you’ll want to consider for the alleviation of this chronic pain. In general, if you are experiencing consistent pain in the neck that hasn’t subsided for over a week, talk to your doctor about the possibility of a trigger point injection.

Pros of Trigger Point Injections

The primary benefit of using these injections for the treatment of neck trigger points is that they provide immediate pain relief, as they are injected directly into the muscle and cause instant inflammation reduction within these muscles. It’s also a very safe and simple procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete. Since the medicine is non-toxic, it can be used without any side effects and will loosen even the most knotted of muscles.

Contact Campbell Medical Clinic in Houston, Texas if you’re experiencing neck pain severe enough to affect your daily activities. Trigger point therapy might be a great option for you!

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