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Some of the most complicated neuropathy conditions are improved even within the first two weeks of the program. By completing the program, many patients experience complete resolution of their symptoms

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Joint & Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis is the deterioration of the protective fluid surrounding your joints and bones. Joint fluid therapy replaces the natural occurring fluid in your body and is effective and safe in treating pain.

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Neck & Back Pain

At Campbell Medical Clinic we offer our patients living with the painful symptoms associated with chronic neck and back injury a non-invasive, effective alternative to surgery.

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Regenerative Medicine

We offer a comprehensive array of new, cutting edge Regenerative Medicine approaches that provide hope and healing to many, through Stem Cells, PRP, and more.

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Multidisciplinary Medical Clinic in Houston, Texas

Welcome to Campbell Medical! We are a multidisciplinary medical clinic located in Houston, Texas. Our goal is to help you make an educated decision about your healthcare and provide you with the most effective, non-invasive physical medicine treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions.

Our commitment to our patients has led us to develop a Houston medical clinic that offers state-of-the-art services using FDA-approved spinal decompression, class IV laser therapy, and regenerative medicine. We will work with you to ensure you regain your normal level of activity and reach your optimal health potential. Call our Houston office today to schedule your free consultation with a member of our team.

Our physical medicine physicians and doctors can help provide you with pain relief and will work with you to ensure you regain your normal level of activity.

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