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Campbell Medical Clinic Patient Testimonials in Houston, TX

While we’ve treated thousands of patients over the years, here is what 100 plus patients had to say.

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Low back pain with severe sciatica down through the leg.

Came in with severe sciatic pain down to his leg. Mr. Elisio had been to eight different doctors and we were the only clinic that was able to get rid of his sciatic pain.

Google Review – Candace Dolan – Spinal Pain

“The BEST medical clinic. I’ve been coming here 3 days a week for over a month to correct my spine. I was in such despair when I initially saw my x-days, I couldn’t believe how out of place my spine was! A month later I get my new xrays and WOW the improvement made me jaw drop! These folks really know what they’re doing!! I’m so glad I didn’t put the treatment off. Dr. Ybarra makes me feel more and more comfortable everytime he works on my neck and back and has a good sense of humor to follow, a nice personal touch. Anise, Hannah, Jennifer and two others are wonderful too and express a genuine welcome back, every time. I’ve had interactions with others, but these are the only names I recall. In closing, coming here was the best decision I made in 2016. I feel better, sleep better…and those are two very important things, if you ask me! Thanks for taking care of me, Dr. An & staff!”

Neck pain tingling down through the arm.

Barbara came in with neck pain that tingled down through her arm. We successfully treated her and she now no longer has any pain.

Google Review – Raquel Refuerzo 

“The doctors and staff at Campbell Medical are highly knowledgeable and friendly. Even though we live in the medical center where we have our pick of medical professionals we don’t mind the extra drive for quality treatment. I’ve referred my friends and family who all agree. As long as Dr. An and her team are in business we will not go anywhere else.”

Mr. Young Before Treatment.

Larry lost his voice due to a paralyzed vocal cord on the left side. The paralysis was due to an esophageal surgery and initially he was told by the doctor it would come back in six weeks. It had been almost three months when he came in, and his voice was still at a whisper. This video is actually after the very first treatment. Check out his after video and hear the improvement!

Google Review – Myungsook Hwang –  Numbness, Headaches, Diabetes

“Where do I start. I felt like a crap, my hands and feet were numb and tingly, I was tired all the time, my head hurt often, I could not lose weight, my sugar level was out of control, and all other doctors wanted to put me on more medicine. It took a leap of faith to start care with Dr. Hinojosa, but she put me on detox program and put me through a program where I learn how to take care of myself. In 6 weeks, I have not had headaches, I lost 6 lbs without trying, I have more energy through the day, I sleep through the night, and I even got to reduce the diabetic medication I was taking. I actually look forward to life! Thank you Dr. Hinjosa and Dr. An, the program probably added many good years to my life! And your wonderful staff makes me feel so good when I go in. ”

Voice improvement after treatment.

This is Mr. Larry after his fourth treatment. Notice the improvement in his voice!


Heidi suffers from vertigo of an unknown origin. Our adjustment seems to be the only thing that gives her relief.

Neck pain through the shoulder and arm.

Ms. Frances has tried chiropractic before at another clinic for her neck pain that traveled down to her shoulder and arm. We were able to completely resolve her pain successfully without the “popping” type of neck adjustment.

Severe low back pain with sciatica.

Margaret came in with severe low back pain. While filling out the form at our office, she collapsed on the floor with pain. Within minutes, she walked out much more improved.

Leg cramps when walking (Spanish).

Mr. Sotereo could not walk or stand for more than 10 minutes without leg cramps. He is now able to walk and stand without much pain or cramps.

Leg and ankle pain (Spanish).

Maria came in with severe knee, leg and ankle pain. She responded so well to our treatment and told us she feels so good she could dance.

Neck pain and headache.

Senior citizens are staying more active. I read once the fastest growing age group being admitted to the ER now are people in the middle to older age bracket, hurting themselves from activities such as roller blading, bicycling and such. We were able to take care of her very successfully.

Gloria Before MTS.

Gloria has a tracheotomy opening to help her breathe. This is Gloria sharing her story.

Gloria after MTS.

Gloria after 10 sessions.

Mutiple Neck Disc.

Multiple Neck Disc Hernia.



Lower Back Pain (Spanish).

Maria suffered with lower back pain for almost three years.

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