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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused for many reasons. Partially torn rotator cuff, impact, poorly-healed injury, aging, joint degeneration, bone damage, arthritis are a few of these reasons. Pain relief and full healing are available with the right treatment option. We treat your shoulder pain with a customized treatment program designed specifically for you. This allows you to experience maximum pain relief and best results.

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How to Heal Shoulder Damage and Pain

Shoulder damage causes varying levels of pain and often stops you from using your shoulder and arm. Arthritic inflammation in a shoulder joint can end up destroying cartilage that should cushion the bones. When the cartilage has been minimized, the result is bone on bone and that's very painful. A rotator cuff tear may stop you from lifting your arm. This may limit your participation in some of the things you love to do. Tendons in the shoulder may also become inflamed, a painful condition called tendinitis which causes pain every time you move. Stem cell therapy has a well documented effect on the body’s ability to repair all these conditions and more.

Stem cell therapy utilizes the most powerful healing cells available in modern medicine to help your body heal itself. These cells have the unique ability to grow into the exact type of cells your body needs for tissue repair. But not every source of stem cells is equally powerful. Research reveals that the older we get, the fewer stem cells we generate and the less effective the cells we have become. Therefore it is important to use only the youngest, most active stem cells available: those ethically harvested from umbilical cord tissue or amniotic fluid.

When introduced into an injured or aging shoulder, these stem cells go right to work to reduce inflammation, they also instantly promote the healing of muscle tears, ligaments, cartilage and even bone itself. Inflammation and pain normally diminish rapidly, while healing of muscle, ligament and bone continues to restore your shoulder muscles to a normal, healthy state.

If stem cell treatments are not determined to be right for you. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, treatments might be a good option. During PRP treatment, we take a sample of your own blood and concentrate its most effective healing components—the platelets. We then inject the platelet-rich plasma into the injured area of your shoulder. These platelets are then in the right place to repair damaged cartilage, tendons or muscles.

More Treatment Options to Heal Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief in Houston

Our Class IV Laser reaches deep into the tissues of your shoulder to accelerate the healing process without producing heat or discomfort. Patients see improvements in just three to five sessions.

Supplementing the fluids in the joint with an injection of hyaluronan, a substance your body naturally produces, reduces friction and inflammation and provides pain relief.

A person recovering from a frozen or painful shoulder may also need lifestyle and nutritional counseling to reduce overall inflammation and support recovery with stretches and exercise. We find that some people need to improve their habits to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Damaged and painful shoulders can be healed with these procedures, most often eliminating the need for pain relievers or surgery.

Call our office and talk to our staff about your shoulder problems and ask how you can receive a free consultation on our cutting edge treatment options for shoulder pain in Houston.

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