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Joint Pain

When you suffer from joint pain, you just want it to go away. You want your life back. You want to be able to work, cook, play with your children or grandchildren, play golf, or music. Persistent joint pain can limit all of these activities. The focus of our doctors is to provide the care that not only relieves pain but also heals.

Joint Pain Relief in Houston

Many things can cause or contribute to chronic or acute joint pain. Including repetitive movements, sports injuries, poor posture, tendinitis, various types of arthritis and physical illnesses. It is important for us to understand your situation and symptoms clearly. Only then can we develop a customized pain relief treatment that will work for you.

Fortunately, we treat our patients with the most effective healing options available to ensure you can return to a pain-free life. For many of our patients, that means utilizing stem cell therapy, or other treatment options.

Stem Cell Treatment to Repair Inflammation and Degeneration of Joints

Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that helps our patients actually rebuild, repair and regenerate injured tissues. Stem cells are referred to as “mother cells” because they can develop into any cell your body needs for repair or healing. Every body creates stem cells but the older we get, the fewer of these cells we have. The stem cells taken from umbilical cords obtained after birth are the youngest, most dynamic cells available. We use these stem cells because they give your body a big boost in its ability to heal. Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to heal rapidly like a young child heals?

Stem cells gravitate to tissues that need repair or regeneration. When your body is injured or inflamed, it sends out signals that it needs help. Stem cells respond to these signals and go to work. Joint pain, arthritis, bone pain, fibromyalgia, injuries and conditions related to aging respond to stem cell therapy.

Other Joint Pain Treatment Options

Joint Pain Treatment Near MePlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): Platelets are special blood cells activated into healing cells when your body suffers an injury. We use a small sample of your blood to obtain and concentrate these platelets and then inject them into a joint that needs help to heal. The use of PRP in conjunction with stem cell therapy is an especially effective therapy.

Class IV Laser: Our laser provides healing wavelengths of light that penetrate deep into your tissues to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in joints or muscles.

Joint Fluid Therapy: This treatment involves injecting hyaluronan into a painful joint to add lubricant and shock absorption. Hyaluronan is the same type of lubricant your body normally produces in its joints.

Chiropractic Treatment: Many types of joint pain causes can be improved with the use of chiropractic adjustments to restore mobility and proper alignment of the entire musculoskeletal structure of your body.

Physical Rehabilitation: Strengthening and stretching exercises are essential parts of many programs to overcome joint pain.

Joint Pain Relief is Nearby

Finally, you have found a medical clinic near you with doctors who will listen to you, who will do everything possible to eliminate your joint pain without dangerous painkillers or surgery from your future. We understand how to encourage your body to heal itself and we have the tools to give it the support it needs.

Please contact us to learn more about our treatment options for joint pain in Houston.

How Do Our Patients Feel About Us?
"Excellent Clinic! The staff were very helpful and polite from my initial phone call to every appointment day. All the doctors are friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain my condition and my treatment options. Glad to find this clinic who can finally end my back pain!" Susan B.
"Dr. An is great and so is her staff. I saw her about 24 hours after an ankle injury - she recommended PRP injections. Now it's 3 days after the PRP treatment and I'm back to teaching and practicing yoga. I highly recommend Campbell Medical Group." Hope W.
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