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Why Albert Einstein Wanted to be Cremated

This week, I learned that Albert Einstein wanted to be cremated. Turned out that the smartest and the most scientific mind of our history was a quite a spiritual man and was concerned that science would replace spirituality and people would start worshipping science. He didn’t want people visiting his grave and paying homage or worse, worshipping him after his death.

I am a person of Christian faith and I know fully that I am guilty of letting science and technology betting the better of me. For instance, when I found out that one of my church friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the first thing I did was google search “survival rate of state 4 pancreatic cancer.” In this modern times when we are faced with challenges and uncertainly, we turn to google for answers instead of relying our faith and asking God for help. Google and smart phone devices and smart TV can track where you are, what you are searching, what you are watching, what you are talking about. We’ve all had experiences when we talk about something with a friend and next thing you know, you are getting an advertisement on your browser and facebook. Google, the internet, indeed have replaced our faith and spirituality and become all seeing, all knowing, omnipresent techno-god.

Weekend is here and I’d like to encourage you to visit the place your spiritual home, be it a church or a temple, or a place of solitude. And rely on God and pray before google searching it.

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