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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell therapy has become a widely discussed topic over the last few years and is a heavy topic of debate. There is a lot of information as well as misinformation about what stem cell therapy is exactly and the risks vs. the benefits. So, what is Stem Cell Therapy? Let’s start by discussing what stem cells are. Stem cells are cells that are undifferentiated, which means they can reproduce and renew themselves. Stem cell therapy is a procedure where these stem cells are taken from your own body and then re-introduced in an area where healing is desired. We will focus on stem cell therapy procedures including Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue. Our bodies produce stem cells naturally, but as we age, they become harder to produce, therefore making it harder for our bodies to heal on their own from injuries or illness.

A Better Alternative to Stem Cell Therapy

What is Stem Cell Therapy Near Me This is where regenerative cells become beneficial. Regenerative cells are found in Wharton's Jelly which is produced in the umbilical cord and are harvested on the day of birth. This has no negative effect on the mother or the baby. Because these cells are young and healthy, they offer an incredible ability for the body to recover from injury, pain, and illness. So, now that we have determined what regenerative cells are, let's break down what Regenerative medicine is.

Regenerative medicine is a treatment used to aide our body's natural ability to repair and restore muscle and tissue that is damaged, diseased, or injured due to a variety of health conditions such as spinal injury, osteoarthritis as well as chronic pain. When healthy, young cells are re-introduced into an injured area of the body, they greatly increase the rate of recovery and healing to that area. In addition to treatments using young regenerative cells from Wharton’s Jelly, PRP injections are often used as another treatment method of regenerative medicine. This is where platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood and injected into the area of the body that needs repair. Treatments using regenerative cells, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma, are natural, non-surgical treatments. They have a low risk of allergy or rejection and many find they are able to return to usual activities immediately after treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy vs Regenerative Medicine:

For those who are in search of a natural alternative to surgery and medications, stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine using regenerative cells may be a viable option. There are many forms of cellular treatments available, but not all are without pros and cons. Here we will take a look at some stem cell therapies used that have higher risk factors. These treatments are often more invasive or controversial. We DO NOT use them, instead, we choose to use natural treatments of regenerative medicine and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections.

    Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Houston

  • Bone Marrow -This type of stem cell therapy is where the patients own bone marrow is harvested by drilling a small hole in the hip area and extracting the marrow, the cells are then re-introduced to the body. There are many drawbacks to this procedure. It is often painful and may result in infection. In addition to pain and risk, it may not be as effective. As we mentioned earlier, as we age, so do our cells, so re-introducing aged cells back into the body does not have the same ability to restore and heal as young, healthy cells like we find in regenerative cells.
  • Adipose tissue-This is the process of harvesting loose connective tissue that contains fat cells in a procedure similar to liposuction. The cells are extracted and re-introduced into the body. The concern in this treatment is the possibility of the fat cells containing harmful toxins, as well as using aged cells vs. new cells.

    Using regenerative medicine reduces the risks found in these stem cell therapies while also providing incredibly effective results in the restoration of damaged or diseased tissue and muscle. It is becoming more evident that these treatments are on the cutting edge of natural treatment options for those who want to avoid surgery and drugs.

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