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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Our bodies become less effective at regulating healthy physical and emotional levels of hormones as we get older. With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), hormones are therapeutically administered and can be tailored to your individual needs to increase the levels present in your body, and address symptoms that come from aging.

What is BHRT Used For?

What is BHRT Used For? Houston, TX

BHRT has a variety of applications, most of which surround treating the reduction of hormones that naturally occur with age. For men, it’s primarily testosterone. For women, it’s estrogen. Common uses of bioidentical hormone therapy include:

  • Treating the symptoms of menopause and andropause
  • Increasing energy
  • Assisting with weight loss
  • Elevating moods
  • Improving sexual health
  • Bettering sleep
  • Lessening depressions and anxiety
  • Rejuvenating a youthful appearance

The priority for our BHRT doctors is to treat the cause of your hormonal imbalance, not just the symptoms. After obtaining a baseline reading of hormones, our doctors can isolate each one for study, evaluate how they work within your system, and determine if BHRT is the right course of treatment.

How is BHRT Different from Traditional HRT?

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) have some differences in how they’re created and how they’re used.

  • BHRT is an all-natural treatment that uses hormones identical to human hormones, while HRT does not
  • HRT is often generalized for all patients, while BHRT is customized based on the individual needs of each patient
  • The goal of BHRT is hormonal balance and overall wellness, but HRT focuses only on stopping symptoms
  • With BHRT, the patient’s needs are at the forefront of therapy

The procedure for BHRT is quick and painless, and the bioidentical hormone pellets dissolve over a period of months. By properly administering BHRT, the most troubling symptoms associated with decreased hormone levels can be addressed, and a successful treatment plan can be administered based on individual needs.

Is BHRT Right for You?

Since BHRT is not a one-size-fits-all program, it’s always important to have testing done. A doctor can perform an exam and review your medical history to ensure there aren’t any contraindications.

As a general guideline, men typically seek BHRT when they’re over 30 and searching for an improvement in hormone levels. Age, stress, diet and health history are some of the factors that can cause hormone production to decrease in men.

Women dealing with perimenopause or menopause find BHRT beneficial due to a lack of estrogen. Hot flashes, weight gain, and a reduced sex drive are examples of symptoms that can be treated for women through BHRT. Additionally, BHRT is known to provide relief from women suffering from mental health issues and depression.

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