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Tips to Stay Healthy This Year

June is Men’s Health Month and the start of a yearlong awareness. Protect your health now during the summer and for the rest of the year. Engage in summer activities that are beneficial to all men’s health regardless of age or condition. Review the following tips and exercises to start following this month.

Summer Activities to Follow During Men’s Health Month

The summer season results in extreme heat and humidity. The rising temperatures carry some hazards to your health, such as dry skin and dehydration. Stay healthy by going out into the sun but avoiding very hot areas for long periods of time. Remain in the shade if you plan to stay outdoors longer.

Continuously drink water to stay hydrated. Some doctors promote the rule that you must drink 8 glasses of water a day. Other doctors state that you should drink when you feel dehydrated. As a general rule, you know your body and what it needs at the moment.

The summer months will soon pass and the colder weather will creep in. The winter season is when colds and flus occur. During this time, people are encouraged to continue exercising and take herbal remedies like green tea to strengthen their immune systems.

Summer Activities for Your Golden Years

Stretch before every exercise to avoid injury. Stretching increases flexibility, which is key in preventing injury regardless of age. Stretch only as far as your body tolerates and as often as you want.

Outdoor Exercises
It’s recommended that you exercise regularly, and what better way to get some vitamin D than to do it outdoors in the sun and fresh air?! Lie on the grass or bring in a mat to avoid lying directly on the ground. The heat is not all negative – it also helps you to sweat and remove toxins from the body.

Sit-Down / Lie-Down Exercises
The older our bodies get, the better they react to sit-down and lie-down exercises rather than ones that require standing and moving around. These exercises can strengthen your muscles and joints just as well as more intense exercising routines.

Knee Rolls
To perform knee rolls, lay down on your back and lift your knees to your chest. Some people prefer to place a pillow under the head or lower back. Keeping the knees together, roll them to both sides of the body.

Back Extensions
Lie on your stomach while lifting up your head and feet, forming an arch. Repeated exercises will reduce the risks of lower back pain. These exercises strengthen your entire back.

Summer Sports
Tennis and swimming are sports that are popular during the summer. Swimming is a great activity regardless of your age. One reason so many people love tennis is because it doesn’t require excessive amounts running or jumping around yet it keeps you active and is a lot of fun!

Summer is the time when fewer people are working and more of them are being active outdoors. With June being Men’s Health Month, men should work harder to stay fit and healthy during the summer. Campbell Medical Clinic has treatments for all sorts of pain, food sensitivity, weight loss and more. Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment for one of our services.

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