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The Dangers of Pain Medications

An estimated 52 million Americans take over the counter NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to alleviate fever symptoms and reduce pain.  Most use OTC medication to ease the occasional headache or muscle ache. Although OTC painkillers carry risks, it’s the narcotic painkillers that can be the most harmful, especially when taken incorrectly. Without proper treatment, people face a dangerous cycle of medicating which can lead to further health problems and possible addiction.

Side Effects of Pain Medications

Long-term use of pain medications is not only ineffective for chronic pain, but they also create negative side effects for patient, including addiction, increase risk of heart attack, stroke, liver damage, ulcers, among others.

Using NSAIDs Safely

Patients with heart, liver, or kidney disease need to be more cautious and avoid using prescription-strength NSAIDs. If you are experiencing a headache or joint pain, never take more than the recommended dose of OTC medication.

Alternative Treatment Options

Campbell Medical is dedicated to providing you with the most effective, non-invasive physical medicine treated for acute and chronic pain conditions.  Our team of medical professionals has developed a center that offers state-of-the-art care using FDA-approved spinal decompression, class IV laser therapy, and chiropractic care. We will work with you to ensure you regain your normal level of activity.

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