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Dramatic Improvement of Chronic Pain

Ms. Tierney suffered from chronic pain and hip pain. She's managed it with pain medication and was ready to try something different. After stem cell therapy, her pain improved dramatically and she got her life back.

Minimizing ALS Symptoms with Stem Cells

Ms. Lynn experienced a dramatic improvement in her ALS symptoms with regenerative medicine/ stem cell therapy.

Knee Pain Treated With Stem Cells
Knee arthritis healed with Stem Cell Therapy

Had trouble walking even a short distance due to knee pain. She's noticing much improvement in her pain shortly after stem cell therapy.

Chronic Pain Stem Cell Therapy

Ms. L was born with missing SMAD3 gene, which makes her difficult to produce collagen in her body. She's been suffering from chronic pain in all her joints, back, neck, that's been debilitating. Since stem cell there, she experienced a great reduction in pain and her quality of life has improved dramatically.

Stem Cell Therapy.

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Neuropathy Testimonial

Mr. Leon had peripheral neuropathy of feet and responded very well to our peripheral neuropathy treatment.

Successful treatment of Peripheral neuropathy

Pain in leg, numbness, tingling, burning feet, difficulty walking, balance, trouble sleeping.

Ms. Judy Jones' chronic back pain is much improved with Stem Cell Therapy

Ms. Judy Jones suffered from years of chronic back pain that prevented her from enjoying her life. After stem cell therapy, her pain has improved so much and now she's able to enjoy her life again.

Knee Arthritis

Ms. Pat suffered from bad knee arthritis that prevented her from walking and many other activities. She finished a serious of knee fluid injections and is now able to walk, shop and enjoy life.

Burning Feet

Mr. Don had been suffering from peripheral neuropathy of feet that kept him awake at night. Since starting the peripheral neuropathy program, he's improved 70 to 80% in relatively short period of time.

Stroke Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Mrs. Broke had stroke 18 months ago and suffered from Broca's aphasia, poor memory, and pain. Within weeks after stem cell therapy, she started making full sentences, her memory improved dramatically and got off all her pain medications.

How Do Our Patients Feel About Us?
"Excellent Clinic! The staff were very helpful and polite from my initial phone call to every appointment day. All the doctors are friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain my condition and my treatment options. Glad to find this clinic who can finally end my back pain!" Susan B.
"Dr. An is great and so is her staff. I saw her about 24 hours after an ankle injury - she recommended PRP injections. Now it's 3 days after the PRP treatment and I'm back to teaching and practicing yoga. I highly recommend Campbell Medical Group." Hope W.
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