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My Mother Had a Cataract Surgery

My Mother had a cataract surgery.

She had been complaining of cloudy vision for a years now and the last eye exam, the doctor told her her vision was poor enough to qualify as the legal definition of blindness. This past Monday, she had her lens replacement surgery and the doctor wanted me to translate for her so I had the privilege of sitting in the operation room watching every step of the procedure. And the marvel of the modern medical technology. I watched her eye getting three holes poked, watched the doctor stripping away her lens and suctioning away the old, cloudy lens. Of course being my mother, she expected an immediate clear vision after the operation because a Korean friend of hers told her she was able to see clearly and drive immediately after the surgery. The doctor assured her it will take about 2 days before that happens. Would you believe she was somewhat disappointed? Her vision did get slowly better as the day progressed and it’s only been a day today and she says she can see far better now, even looked at her phone without glasses and she says she feels like “living again.”

I had been noticing my mother looking at her phone in dark living room. Electronic devices including cell phone and computer screen emit what is called blue light. And, this blue light can be quite damaging to our eyes and that includes the increase risk of cataract. Not sure if that is the case of my mother but I am sure it didn’t help. How else this blue light is harmful to your body?

    - is the cause of eye strain
    - Disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and interferes with sleep
    - Increased risk of cataract and macular degeneration

I also read how, avoiding blue light is even more important after the cataract surgery and knowing my mom won’t quit looking at her Korean programs on youtube, I’ve ordered a blue light blocking glasses from amazon for her to wear.

If she’s going to have age related health issue, cataract isn’t so bad. The lens replacement surgery took only about 15 min and already she’s quite happy. We are going to be scheduling another one for the left eye.

I will be taking her to Columbia for expanded stem cell therapy at the end of August. Stay tune for trip report.
Dr. An.

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