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Remote Patient Monitoring Service

Great news for Medicare patients – Campbell Health Center is now offering a remote patient monitoring (RPM) service that is free to all patients who have Medicare. Allow our medical team to keep a closer eye on your health all throughout the year with this new service, through our partnership with Tenovi.

Why Are More and More Patients Opting into Remote Patient Monitoring Services?

83% of patients have expressed a desire for remote patient monitoring, and for good reason. There are a multitude of benefits to opting into RPM services, including:

Why Are More and More Patients Opting into Remote Patient Monitoring Services? Houston, TX

  • Medicare patients receive 100% full coverage for advanced medical devices to use at home
  • Remote monitoring allows for personal convenience and care without even leaving the house
  • Less need for live-in care, everything is done with the push of a button
  • All monitoring results are sent over to healthcare professionals to keep track of your progress
  • No WiFi required – the devices work off cellular technology
  • The devices can be incorporated into your daily routine – no new procedures or extensive time needed

It couldn’t be easier to keep your medical professionals up-to-date on your basic readings.

What Types of Remote Monitoring Options are Available?

Currently, we are working with patients who have a need for the following devices:

  • Blood pressure monitoring – This wireless device works simply and accurately, using cellular technology to send your daily blood pressure readings straight to your doctor’s office. Perhaps best of all is the fact that no setup is required, and no technical configuration is needed from the patient. All you do is take it out of the box, press a button to turn it on, and start using it! It’s designed to be used on a tabletop, with large, easy-to-read letters on a beautiful digital display that make it ideal for daily use. The device shows pulse measurements, as well as both diastolic and systolic readings.
  • Scale – It’s your usual morning routine, now with the Tenovi wireless scale, which automatically transmits your daily health updates straight into your electronic file at our office. Like its counterparts, this scale requires no technical setup, relying on cellular technology to begin working right out of the box. As an FDA-approved device, the Tenovi scale has been thoroughly tested and proven to be both highly reliable and accurate. Our medical professionals can track your weight in between visits, and help to keep you in good health year-round.

    What Types of Remote Monitoring Options are Available? Houston, TX

  • Blood glucose meter – No more handwritten logs, the wireless blood glucose meter will send your daily readings exactly where we need them, so our team can monitor your health monthly. The tabletop unit has a large, well-lit screen that clearly displays your blood glucose reading for easy use.
  • FitMi (orthopedic & neuro rehabilitation unit) – This simple yet revolutionary system helps patients rehabilitate themselves away from the clinic. This is the very first in-home-use rehab device that promotes exercise throughout the entire body. It even has intelligence built into it to adjust to your level of rehabilitation. Like all of the other devices, your metrics will be sent straight to the dashboard at our office so we can monitor your progress remotely.
  • MusicGlove – The final device offered at this time is a revolutionary way to rehabilitate fine motor skills in the hand through a sensorized glove and accompanying musical game. It’s actually proven to improve dexterity and strength in the fingers after just 21 days of home use! Your user analytics will be sent to our system here so we can monitor your progress from afar.

Reach out to our team for a free consultation and learn more about how you can get set up with our remote patient monitoring services today (832) 402-6911.

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