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Hormone Replacement Therapy Houston

How can Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) help you feel like your youthful self? As we age, our bodies become less effective at regulating the levels of hormones necessary to our physical and emotional health.

Your endocrine system weakens primarily because the levels of the hormones in your body decrease with age; your glands just are not producing the hormones as they used to when you were younger.

For some time now, the medical community has worked to address these deficiencies with drugs and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

What is HRT HoustonRecently, the trend has been toward more natural or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). In BHRT, the hormones that are therapeutically administered are molecularly identical to the hormones your body produces, not just close in structure and function.

These hormones are the same as those in your body. They can be tailored to your individual needs, increase the levels present in your body, and address symptoms that come from aging.

How is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Administered?

Hormone Replacement Therapy HoustonOnce the appropriate treatment course is determined to increase your hormone levels to an optimal state, BHRT is administered through a delivery system called “pellets.”

Rather than a shot that immediately enters the bloodstream, the bioidentical hormones are placed under the skin by a physician in a cylindrical form that slowly releases the hormones into your body, at a rate that more closely matches how your body maintained the levels when it was producing the hormones correctly.

The procedure is quick and painless. The pellets dissolve over a period of months. It quietly restores the energy, drive, libido, and positive mood you may have thought you had lost. There is no fountain of youth and no miracle cure to aging. However, BHRT properly administered can address some of the most troubling symptoms of decreased hormone levels.

Low Estrogen and Progesterone

BHRT BrochureWomen experiencing menopause suffer a host of symptoms that can be physical, psychological, and sexual in nature. As women age, they have low estrogen and low progesterone once ovulation ends, and the body and the mind suffer the consequences.

The most commonly experienced menopause symptoms are the “hot flashes” or sensation that the ambient temperature has become unbearable, and night sweats. Physical symptoms can also manifest in weight gain and lack of sleep. Additionally, many women suffer psychological problems as well, such as increased anxiety and even symptoms of clinical depression, with physical and mental exhaustion commonly reported.

Finally, many suffer a reduction in sex drive, often accompanied by dryness of the vagina and pain during intercourse.

Low Testosterone

As men age, their bodies produce less testosterone. This leads to a host of issues, apart from a notable reduction in libido and problems achieving and maintaining erections. Beyond this problem, men can have their mood and body affected as well. The drive to accomplish everyday tasks is diminished. There is also a marked decrease in lean muscle.

It becomes harder to maintain the chiseled physique that marked the younger years and the perception that the best years are behind us, and the decrease in energy can lead men to become depressed and feel defeated.

Are you looking reduce the symptoms of hormone reduction? Consider all your options. BHRT may be the answer you are looking for. Our doctors are here to answer any questions you may have about the therapy.

If you are looking for hormone replacement therapy in Houston, call us today at (346) 626-2255 to schedule your free consultation!

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