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healthy holiday tips

Holiday Health Tips

Make It Out This Holiday Season Alive!

Hello everyone!

It has long been known that the death rate sky rockets during the holiday season. The two main reasons are: car accidents and coronary events such as heart attacks. As for car accidents, there is an increase of drunk driving and the neglect to wear a seat belt.

For heart attacks…

One Thanksgiving meal can easily exceed over 4000 calories. (That’s not even including the left over meals my mom packs for me that I can eat for days).

What happens to your body when you overeat?

Blood rushes to your digestive organs to digest the food, leaving your heart deprived of blood. High fat contents will elevate triglyceride levels in the blood, and the increase insulin will further stress the body, especially the heart. All the stress on the body will increase C-reactive proteins, which is an inflammatory marker, and inflammation is now thought to be the true reason for heart disease instead of elevated cholesterol levels.

If you over do it, Thanksgiving dinner can be deadly.

Here is how not to overeat:

  1. Don’t show up hungry.
  2. Eat a salad first.
  3. Put small portions of food on the plate.
  4. Eat slowly, while conversing with your family.
  5. Replace desserts with fruits.
  6. Limit alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water.


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Always looking after your health,

Dr. An

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