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Help Make Migraines Visible


As National Migraine and Headache Awareness month, June is the perfect time to to build awareness, educate the public, and reduce the stigma often associated with migraines and other headaches disorders. Unfortunately, migraines are poorly understood, undiagnosed, and undertreated. However, by working together, we can provide hope and help to sufferers. It’s time we help make migraines visible by taking every opportunity to share information.

Migraines by the Numbers

Almost everyone either knows someone who suffers from migraines or struggles with the neurological disease themselves. With 37 million people in the US suffering from migraines, it is the third most prevalent illness in the world and often the most misunderstood. Here are migraines by the numbers:

  • 90% of sufferers are unable to work or function normally during their migraine.
  • 18% of women, 6% of men, and 10% of children experience migraines
  • Migraine is the 6th most disabling illness in the world.
  • Attacks typically last between 4 to 72 hours.
  • Roughly 80% of migraine sufferers have a family history of migraines
  • Nearly 25% of migraine sufferers have a visual disturbance called an aura. This occurrence typically lasts less than an hour.

How we Treat Migraines

There are safe, effective ways to manage headaches and migraines without the use of prescribed medications. Our doctors treat migraines using spinal decompression therapy, chiropractic adjustments, or massage therapy.

It is possible to live a life free of pain! Our Campbell Medical Clinic pain relief specialists will alleviate your migraine pain with gentle, non-invasive treatments. Call us today at 832-460-6468 to schedule your free consultation.



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