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Essential Nutrition To Prevent Coronavirus

People have been asking if what is the best way to prevent coronavirus. Aside the practice of a good hand hygiene, the best thing is to keep your immune system strong. In the mist of this virus hysteria, I hope you didn’t forget about your own immune system who never stops fighting sickness.

Here are some important ingredients that boost immune system:

Selenium – Selenium deficiency increase viral mutation rate making it easy for the virus to invade body.
Zinc – lowers mortality rate in the elderly by 27%
Vitamin D – This important vitamin really should be called a hormone. Vitamin D improves immune system and its ability to defend and fight infections.
Vitamin C – Chinese government is using high dose vitamin C intravenous therapy for treatment of coronavirus. I have been using intravenous vitamin C to treat flu and common cold symptoms and often patients notice improvements almost right away. For prevention, I use 2000mg of intravenous therapy for adult and 500mg for kids.

By the way, there is a lot of google censorship on this type of information. I have been using duckduckgo.com to research health information that is not funded by big pharma.

Call the office at 832-463-6279 to schedule vitamin C IV infusions. We only use non GMO vitamin C manufactured by the highest accredited compounding pharmacy.

-Dr. An

PS. The regular price of vitamin C infusion is $130 but for the net two weeks, you can get vitamin C infusions for $85.

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