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Complete Men’s Health

At Campbell Health Center, our men’s lifestyle and health specialists can effectively and discretely assist you with your health concerns. Whether it’s solutions for erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement therapy, or IV hydration, we use precise diagnostic labs to identify the root of your concern.

These tests allow us to determine what health and wellness goals!

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments for ED Houston, TXP-Shot® – The P-Shot®, or Priapus Shot® is a non-surgical procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP is brimming with growth factors, proteins, and other components necessary for rejuvenation.

When the substance is injected into the numbed areas of the most responsible for sexual response, it can assist with promoting circulation, healing, and responsiveness. Many patients who have received this treatment have reported improved sexual function and an increase in their libido as well.

Shockwave Therapy – Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that introduces acoustic sound waves into the body in order to treat specific medical concerns, pain, or injuries. It has also proven to be extremely effective in treating erectile dysfunction. In this procedure, shockwaves are administered in slow pulses, using a handheld device, that travel through the skin.

These shock waves stimulate the body’s natural healing ability and increase blood flow. Which is necessary for erections. This is an ideal natural alternative for men who do not wish to undergo penile implants or injections. Also for those who do not want to take medication to improve sexual performance.

TriMix Injections – TriMix injections are a mixture of three components (prostaglandin, phentolamine, and papaverine). They provide an affordable and effective solution for men with erectile dysfunction. Due to its unique structure, it is available in multiple strength formulas. It can be tailored to the patient’s needs, and has provided great results.

This treatment is particularly effective for men who cannot take male performance-enhancing medications due to allergy or serious side effects or those who have taken these medications with limited success. It can even be delivered directly to the patient’s house, discretely and conveniently.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Houston, TXThis type of therapy delivers testosterone supplementation when the body’s natural production of the hormone declines. When this occurs, it can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms. Including a low sex drive, weight gain, depression, decreased sperm count, and ED. If you suspect that you may have low testosterone levels, we can check your hormone levels and determine which course of action would most benefit you. We currently offer weekly injections or quarterly pellets. They are inserted subcutaneously beneath the skin roughly every 3 months.

IV Therapy

IV therapy treatments are administered intravenously by means of a drip directly into the patient’s bloodstream. They can quickly and effectively provide the body with essential components, such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, with only the discomfort of the IV needle itself.

IV therapy is extremely versatile and beneficial for a wide range of patients. From high-performance athletes to everyday individuals suffering from conditions like fatigue. The customizability of IV drips also lends itself to relieving a variety of health conditions. Such as chronic inflammation, seasonal allergies, and migraines.

If you are interested in learning more about complete men’s health in Houston or any nearby areas, call us today to schedule a free consultation at (832) 243-7713.

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"Dr. An is great and so is her staff. I saw her about 24 hours after an ankle injury - she recommended PRP injections. Now it's 3 days after the PRP treatment and I'm back to teaching and practicing yoga. I highly recommend Campbell Health Center." Hope W.
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