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Benefits of IV Therapy

If you are suffering from fatigue, stress, sleep deprivation, lack of focus, generalized pain, or have problems recovering from workouts, you need a way to feel better. Sometimes adjusting your diet, sleep patterns and work day can help, but not always.

If there were a way to gain more energy and feel better in under 30 minutes with a quick office visit, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Intravenous (IV) therapy might be the answer to your recurring problems with pain and lack of energy.

Boosting Recovery and Renewal with IV Treatments

If you are an active, athletic individual who engages in strenuous workouts, you have no doubt tried to find ways to recover as quickly as possible. A Fast-IV treatment with vitamins and coenzymes can be delivered in as short a time as one minute. Your body is immediately flooded with the boost that comes from these essential nutrients.

The treatment can aid not only symptoms of fatigue, but also other problems such as:

  • The inability to absorb nutrients from food
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Muscle spasms
  • Even problems like angina and hyperthyroidism

No matter your age, metabolism, or underlying conditions, an IV treatment can replace what your body has lost through the cycle of overexertion and lack of replenishment. The beauty of IV therapy is that the team can assess your specific needs and design a treatment plan that matches your particular nutritional deficits to get you back on your feet, feeling rested, sharp, and powerful.

Ways IV Therapy Can Replenish What You Have Lost

There are many ways that individuals can benefit from IV therapy. While IV therapy for dehydration and slow drip infusions of vitamins have been around since the 70s, recent advances in the technique have produced tremendous results in a fraction of the time.

Boosting Recovery and Renewal with IV Treatments Houston, TXBeyond the simple need for hydration, the body needs to maintain appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals. In today’s fast paced world, with its limited times allotted to work, play, and exercise, there isn’t enough time to make sure that your body has the rest and replenishment it requires to function at top performance.

IV therapy ensures that your body absorbs the vitamins at rates far beyond what would be possible from diet or oral supplements alone. The process of digestion robs vitamins of almost half their potency. An IV treatment, however, brings the vitamins directly into your bloodstream, without the degradation that occurs from the digestive process. Whether you are recovering from illness, the aftereffects of extreme periods of activity, or simply feel run down after a night on the town, IV therapy can restore your sense of calm and power.

In addition to the vitamins and minerals, the IV therapy can often include important coenzymes, such as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+ for short. This oxidizing agent is a key factor in your body’s ability to convert nutrients into energy, through oxidation. Science has found that as we age, the amount of NAD+ present in our systems slowly dissipates, causing most of the typical issues associated with the aging process.

An infusion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and coenzymes can bring the youthful vigor and acuity back you thought you had lost. For more information on IV therapy treatments, call us today at (832) 460-6468.

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