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Weight Loss Clinic in Houston

If you’ve tried numerous diets and had little or no success, NOW is the time to try Campbell Medical Clinic’s medically supervised weight loss program. We offer an effective weight loss program that utilizes a combination of treatment techniques to help you lose weight safely. With the help of Campbell Medical Clinic, you’ll lose the unhealthy weight you’re carrying, plus many inches from the hips, stomach, neck and arms.


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HCG – In combination with a nutritionally balanced, low calorie diet, HCG can spur rapid weight loss by triggering the brain to burn stored fat.

Weight Loss Coaching – You’ll receive the education, support, and encouragement that will help you adhere to your goals including any sustainable lifestyle changes.

Vitamin B12 Injections – Vitamin B12 provides the body with energy, while assisting in proper digestion of food and metabolizing carbohydrates and fats.

Fitness Coaching – We provide in-house fitness coaches as a resource for obtaining your healthy lifestyle goals.